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Shippo Training Videos!

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We've made enough progress with the figure 8 between the legs trick that I can share a tiny video of it. Yay! Now I just need to work on cuing without having to hunch over LOL. Also need to work on him not clawing the shit out of my toes during the trick, or me just wearing shoes...

Also, I just started teaching him to balance his front paws on a ball, so here's day 1 of that:

And a day 3 video of the ball balancing training! He's offering longer durations now on the ball. Next session, I will add a cue/command

I'm looking for suggestions for a simple yet unique cue/command/name for the ball balancing trick (no word "ball")! Any ideas?

Also, some of his older tricks:
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Very nice work! No good ideas on the cue. I like using sentences or phrases so instead of saying something like "perch!" I might say " show that ball who's boss!" Takes longer but it amuses me. :)
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