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Shih Tzu puppy

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We just got a nearly 7 weeks old shih tzuh female puppy . The puppy is barely moving, her legs wobble when she walks and she seems disinterested and sleepy . We are new dog parents and concerned if it's because it's a new place for her or because she is not well ? Please help me out
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Thank you so much for your advice. Yes she does seem very young. Normally a puppy should be atleast 8 weeks old before they can go to a new home ? Our pup changed the very next day. It's like she woke up and became super active. We are taking her to the vet anyway . Here's a picture of the pup , thanks ya'll . Jerry says hiii
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Glad she seems better. She sure is cute. Was she vaccinated just before you got her? That could account for her behavior, and you need to know to tell your vet anyway.
yes she was !! She has been well and doing amazing now . Just bites a lot .... And pees everywhere. Surprisingly she only poos in the place assigned for her. She even recognises her name , sits and stays in one position if asked.
Also , when can I bathe her ?
Thanks. Your experience is very reassuring . My puppy is biting like anything. She sometimes jump and bite and it hurts like anything . I have tried EVERYTHING ! I have tried squealing , tried giving her a chew toy instead , tried timing out and moving , tried turning my back. No matter what I do , she comes at me and bites me like anything. There's no barking or growling so it's not aggressive I am guessing , she just runs and bites . What do I do ?
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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