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Shih Tzu puppy

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We just got a nearly 7 weeks old shih tzuh female puppy . The puppy is barely moving, her legs wobble when she walks and she seems disinterested and sleepy . We are new dog parents and concerned if it's because it's a new place for her or because she is not well ? Please help me out
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Thank you so much for your advice. Yes she does seem very young. Normally a puppy should be atleast 8 weeks old before they can go to a new home ? Our pup changed the very next day. It's like she woke up and became super active. We are taking her to the vet anyway . Here's a picture of the pup , thanks ya'll . Jerry says hiii View attachment 264702
My Teddy Bear puppy was 7 weeks. Really too young should be around 10 weeks. I treated him with care and cuddling and didn’t leave him much. A small basket next to me helped him feel secure.
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