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I have a four month old shih-tzu and he recently received one of his shots in his front leg. The vet told us that he would be sore for a bit. Being that the vet told us this we expected him to limp for a bit. A few days after receiving his shot he was sitting on my lap and unexpectedly he jumped off the couch and onto the floor. After landing he whimpered for about eight seconds and was favoring his leg. We brought him to the vet because we were worried and the vet said that he could have possibly injured his growth plate from the jump. We held off on an X-ray because he is so young and the vet told us keep an eye on him and scheduled an appointment for the next week. It's will be a week tomorrow and our puppy still limps. What's odd about this is that he only limps when he walks. When we take him out to walk he runs perfectly fine and jumps and hops. He doesn't appear to be in pain and when we touch his leg or massage it he doesn't react at all. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the limp. It's definitely not broken or fractured due to the fact that he runs and sprints outside. Could it be a sprain? Or is it just sore from the fact that he had a shot and jumped on his leg a few days later. We are bringing him back to the vet in a few days. Hopefully the limp will end soon.

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