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Shih tzu cross

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My newly adopted dog is a shih tzu caviler king charles spaniel cross. I definitely want to keep her short. How often will she need to be groomed? Is it possible for me to learn how to do this at home or should I just take her to a groomer?
Also how often should I bathe her?
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You can bathe her as often as you need or like to. Use a quality pet shampoo, and be sure to completely rinse. Show dogs are bathed a few times a week, and some pets are bathed yearly. Its whatever works for you. I agree with the above posts. You can learn to groom her at home, but it will coat hundreds of dollars for the equipment, and quite a few groomings before you are able to do a nice job. Depending on what you consider short, and how long you let her grow before its too long for your liking, she will need groomed anywhere from every 4 weeks to 3 months.
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