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Hi guys,

I come here to ask you a question from a friend that has a problem with her 5 months old Shiba Inu. She's been to the vet and awaiting results but preliminery blood tests seem normal. Sometimes vets miss out on something or a test to be done that is why I am asking your advice.

Here's the story of the little guy:

Yesterday morning, her puppy woke up and was dragging his front right paw and had his head sideways. She tought it was because he slept in a bad position.

Seeing that he was not feeling any better after 30 minutes, she went to the vet ASAP. So the vet looked at him and felt his legs but there was nothing so she tought he might have stretch a muscle and gave anti-inflamatory drugs for 10 days and to keep him to full rest.

So she was sent back home.

During the afternoon he started acting strange and had trouble walking. At night when he went for his walk, he started dragging his four legs like he was not able to keep them up. His back legs went to the side and he fell over.

She called the vet and had an appointment this morning at 10:30 to run tests. She says that he does not seem to be hurt and is not limping but is acting like someone wake up from anesthesia.

They had a blod test made this morning and everything is ok. She'll have the other results later tonight.

The vet thinks it might be Gangliosidose a genetic illness that is pretty much a death sentence --> http://www.shiba-dog.de/ganglioNE.htm

However she called her breeder whom told her that her dogs don't have it and she had not had news that one of her puppy ever got it.

If you have any bit of information for my friend it will be greatly appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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