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2.5 y/o male Shiba about 30lb

Just hasn't been himself for the past week and has been making a grumbling noise everytime (most times) he lays down

Every so often he will try to vomit and nothing will come out.

He normally howls when I play guitar, and now it is a muted and strained howl

His breath was a little off the other day, have not checked it again though

When he eats, his back legs begin marching, alternating between lifting one after the other (not normally how he eats)

He is eating, pooping and playing like normal as far as I can tell

He doesn't exhibit pain like my other dog, he either ignores it or doesn't feel it as much. He will continue walking if he has a burr stuck on his paws vs the other Shiba who will stop and limp

We have a vet appointment on Monday, but I'm concerned and was wondering if I should take him to emergency somewhere else
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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