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She's messing in her crate!

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Our dog is pooping in her crate. In theory she was crate-trained when we got her about three weeks ago. We started putting her in the crate while we're at work during the day but we do go home to check on her over our lunch hour so the most time she spends there is in four hour stretches.
I had her out first thing this morning and she did her business. We can't figure out what we can do to get her to stop this behavior. Everything we've read says they don't like to mess up their safe place, she apparently doesn't mind!
Thanks for any advice you can give us.
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How old is the dog? How big is the crate compared to the dog?

You've only had the dog for 3 weeks, and it takes time for a new dog to adjust to new surroundings, even if the pup has been crate trained by the breeder/shelter/foster home.
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