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Hi. Sasha is very happy, weighs 35 pounds now(was weighed today at the vets office, i think, i dont remember exactly except it was an odd number). goes in in 2 weeks to get her last round of puppy shots plus another heart-worm treatment 'n to be re-weighed.

She is getting very big..... My best friend's mother has a boxer, and she's almost the same size as Max the boxer. My boyfriend 'n i broke up(no hurt there as we found out we didnt love each other, just was friends it turns out)... And my best friend's wife's best friend is seriously interested in me, but we are getting to know each other as friends, and he has a couple of Ghost dogs.... But anyways Back to Sasha....
Here's a few pictures of her.... You can see that she has grown so much... You can see the progression of her height/growth in these pictures. **Btw, the trash was taken out after the last pic was taken in case anybody wants to point out the over-filled trash can to me, lol!**

Feb 3

Feb 17
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