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Shepherds Vs. Shepherds

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Some video of my dogs and Xeph's dogs playing together just before Xeph left for Texas.

Hawkeye and Delphi Having a fun time and then Jack getting in on the action.

Strauss, Delphi, Hawkeye, and Kechara having some fun.

feel free to post comments eather here or on my YouTube vids, or even both if your feeling particularly chatty.
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My dogs are freaks...I hate my voice so much

I'm hoping my little Girl Freak can stay, but I'm having some serious housing issues right now.
aww come one now why would you say that about strauss? Delphi maybe, but not Strauss

.I hate my voice so much
I hate mine too, I think most people hate how they sound on recordings. If it bugs you too much I can edit it out and update the vid
No, it's fine...Xeph is just a bit depressed, heh
oh ya thats right I forgot about your Jon, Hope your feeling better soon.
Jon's part of the problem, but currently my issue is losing Delphi
Why wouldn't you be able to keep Delphi?

(Enjoyed the videos, Keechak)
Having issues finding another job + an apartment.

Strauss will be ok since he's my SD....but Delphi is a whole different matter.
Aww, you guys. I love watching dogs play... love how they read each other's signals, project. I love how they freeze and then seem to move again at the exact same time; they're so in tune to the slightest of movements.

Jack is in great shape. :)

Xeph, sorry to hear that you've been having problems with housing and Delphi. :( All the best with that; I hope everything works out soon.
Thanks...it's coming down to either finding her temporary housing back up home...or back to the breeder she goes :(

It'd just kill Lobo
Great videos! I loved watching the dogs' interactions. It's fascinating.

Delphi is amazing! I had not seen that much of her before, so this was a real treat. Watching her run was great. And of course, Strauss is a dream. Hawkeye seemed to want to play with anyone who was available. LOL

I hate my voice, too. I'm sorry, you're having trouble, Xeph. I hope things clear up for you...
Oh, Delphi is certainly interesting.

Her and Strauss playing:
I was surprised at how quiet the beginning of the playing was, I was glad to hear it got noisy at the end. My three wrestle and play and it's all growling and barking, you would think they were killing each other some days. It's neat to see the different play styles between the breeds. We have an aussie, a border collie mix and a cocker mix and they all have a different definition of "play".
But not all playing is loud :)

If you watch Strauss and Delphi, they play very quietly. And it got noisy mostly because of the Aussies ;) (darn Aussies, lulz)
Great videos! I love how Hawkeye "bounces." Delphi is just gorgeous, it sucks that you're having housing trouble. When do you get back from Texas?
Expecting to leave for home by AUg 15th....but that's where I can't have Delphi.

I'm trying to find a job back home, but #1 I SUCK at job hunting, and #2, my Tourette's limits what I can do...
Well Xeph I can guarantee you if I lived alone Delphi could stay here for as long as you needed a place for her. I love Delphi to bits and I want to do anything I can to help you guys out. I may be able to ask my mom for her to stay maybe another week.
I know, it was amazing how quiet your shepherds are in their playing Xeph. I could get used to that! Hope all goes well with job and home hunt.
Would leaving her in a foster home be an option? If so do you have a guesstimate as to how long you would have to leave her?

and the pound puppy crew.
Nash is very noisy when he plays, lots of this "argh argh" noise he does, lol.
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