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Shepherd experts I need your help

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Ok so I adopted my puppy from our Humane Society but all they said that she was a Shepherd mix. I am now wondering what kind of Shepherd she could be. Please let me know what you think she is by the pictures, and also do yo think her ears will stand up, in one of the pics it is half drooped over but the bottom half stands up, thanks.

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That's because it happens when they're teething xD Completely backwards! In GSDs when they teethe, ears go down! In Aussies, they go UP!

Hawkeye had his ears taped for awhile while he was teething because they were staging a revolt and trying to stand :p It's not uncommon for Aussie ears to need to be taped down so they remain correct.
Jack is from the old style working lines were conformation was thrown out the window in favor of working ability, Kechara is from a well meaning but no doubt money hungry BYB, and Hawkeye is from a high quality show breeder.

I guess the biggest differences between Jack and Hawk are the coloring but they are very similar structuraly, Kechara on the other hand is very bitchy and lean, but still has a beautiful correct aussie gait and the aussie temperment to the T.

and yes as Xeph mentioned I don't know what kind of ears Hawk would have ended up with and I wasn't going to take the chance so I taped them. BUt Hawk has a full sister from the same litter with extremely stiff errect ears.

You see in this picture From Left to right

Hawkeye's sister Shaine, Hawkeye's Mother Britta, Hawkeye's Grandmother Ling, and Hawkeye's Great grandfather Zephyr

Talk about different looks! lol
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I would not worry what kind of mix this puppy is.. tho if you are REAL worried you can send him here and I will spend the next 12 years analyzing him for you! After I am done I will let you know what I figure out....

What a cutie! :D
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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