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"Shepadoodle" GSD/Poodle

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I have a friend who just got a Shepadoodle. I have never met one before and I'm kind of curious. Does anyone have experience with this breed and know what to expect as far as behavior? Also, the puppies are white, will they get GSD markings later, or remain white?
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Not a breed - a mix. Because of this behavior and markings are unpredictable.

That doesn't make it a bad dog, but it makes it a mutt (just like nearly every dog I've ever had, except mine didn't come with a cute "breed" name or a high price tag.)
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I'm assuming it's a GSD x poodle? Because I've also seen that name used for Old English Sheepdog x poodle as well - a very different combo!

But yes, there's a lot of unknowns with mix, especially if it's a multi-generational cross (basically anything that's not pure GSD x pure poodle).

There's some colors that change with time (the fading/dilute gene in poodles that causes blues and silvers, for example, or creeping tan), but it's almost always a case of darker colors becoming lighter. Some breeds with ticking/roaning might develop it in spots that were previously white (like Lagotto Romagnolo), and Dalmatians are a wildcard with them developing spots due to an unusual form of the piebald gene, but no poodle colors act like that and I don't think any GSD colors do either, though I'm far from an expert. I'd guess that if pup's born white from that mix, they'll stay white.

You'll be able to know more about temperament by looking at the parents than the breeds in these cases. I'd guess that in general this mix would be highly intelligent and excited to train, and likely on the higher energy side. But on the flip side, both breeds have lines with an unfortunate tendency towards being high-strung and anxious, and I could see that being a really nasty combo. There's just too many factors to say where the pup will fall without knowing more about the parents and their lines specifically.
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That's quite the mix... GSD and Poodle temperaments can be quite different, so there's really no telling what mixed puppies will be more like.

If he's white now, he will stay white. Colored GSD are born with their markings. White GSD are born white, but because white is a masking gene, they will also have black and tan, sable, or black "underneath" the white, and can produce colored puppies. White GSD may or may not have very faint yellow or beige marking where they would normally have black if they were colored.
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Thanks for the replies! So there's no predicting her temperament based on breed mix alone (I figured as much, but worth a shot lol), but she'll stay white- thanks! I'm excited to see what she'll be like. Hopefully she's eager to train, like DaySleepers said- they love to do stuff with their dogs.
(and yes, it's a German Shepherd/ Poodle, not sheepdog- and thanks, RonE, for pointing that out- I should've said mix, not breed)
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