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Obviously a photo heavy post. :)

This is our puppy Shenzi. We actually found her on Craigslist.

A woman who was considering starting her own rescue saved Shenzi and her sister from a junkyard near to the place she worked. Shenzi and her sister were being harassed/abused by the men who owned the junkyard. They didn't want the puppies there, so they would yell, scream, throw things and attempt to loop the puppies in order to get rid of them. Shenzi's sister had a broken back foot when they finally saved them as one of the men had looped a rope around her foot and broken it trying to pull her out from under a car.

We have had Shenzi since March 17 this year. She's estimated for an October birthday. She is incredible. In these few months we have only had two potty accidents in the house. During her five to seven month period she was locked in the house with very little exercise during the day as I was stuck at home after surgery. She never caused a fuss. She chews on things she shouldn't every now and again, but it's never much damage caused... unless you count her toys/beds!

We know she's got pit bull in her. She's got those gorgeous eyes! As for what else is there... we've heard everything! Most often we hear Greyhound. I would buy this--based on her personality and mannerisms--except that here in VA almost ninety-nine percent of the greyhounds you see are retired racers, and are fixed. So how would that have happened? :)

Feel free to add a guess yourself! The following pictures are:
Shenzi in my lap the day we brought her home--two of these.
Shenzi in the backseat of the car the first time she had a bath.
Shenzi sitting next to us in Cary Town, a great little place here in the RVA.

The thumbnails are:
Shenzi and my fiance this past weekend at the Watermelon Festival.
Shenzi curled up on the blanket after the festival, exhausted.
Shenzi's favorite position to sleep in!
Shenzi very upset I washed off the smell of dead fish.

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