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shedding and brushing

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I only bathe my dog one every two months or when he really needs it, but I brush him on a weekly basis to keep up with him. I'm blessed with an easy dog to groom, he pretty much just sits there with a gloomy look on his face. However, before getting him, a long while ago, when I did my research on the breed, it said they were intense shedders. Marley doesn't shed at all. If he does, it's a a few strands here and there stuck to the blanket in his crate. When I brush him, there is none to very very little that comes, and it's summer, or almost summer, and he should he tearing off his jacket, so to speak. Is there something wrong with his coat?
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Normally if something is wrong the coat will be the first thing affected. It would be falling out in clumps..

I used to breed Eskimos... My male hardly ever shed. My female would shed until she was bald.. Literally, it looked like I used a razor that we use for our legs. She was completely bald except her legs, head and tail. It always grew back in so nicely though. :)
He's a year an four months.
Being that he is still young, its possible that he just doesn't have his full adult coat in yet. If he isn't neutered, that can lessen the shedding too. Most neutered and spayed dogs get whats called "spay coat" that is thicker, hence more shedding. He's still young. :)
Border Collie, right? Mine doesn't shed much either. The first spring after I got him (about a year old), he blew his coat, but it was mild compared to my shelties when they blow coat. I brushed him out good in one sitting and that was it. He hasn't shed more than a few hairs here and there since, and he's two now. His coat looks good, even and shiny, so I guess I got lucky. My shelties on the other hand shed piles and piles of undercoat this time of year, and I can get a couple of brushes full at any time all year round.
Yeah, my baby is a BC. He is fixed. He has always had insanly fluffy fur as a pup, so I thought that he would have longer fur as an adult. But it's right in the middle now, and in good shape, and no shedding. o_O I think I'm jsut overreacting, I one time called the vet because he was acting like a normal dog instead of PLAY PLAY PLAY?
It's better to be cautious then to be ignorant. :)

Some people do take signs of lethargy as the animal just "acting normal".
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