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She tried to eat another dog.

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Okay well, I'm not sure what to think about this. Dandi has never reacted aggressive to other dogs on walks. The one time she did react aggressively it was because it was an awful introduction, but after walking the two together they were great.

But today she tried to eat a dog. Well not eat, it was all noise. If she wanted to hurt it she would have.

I was walking her in the field by my house and we had just finished playing on the playground. She was having loads of fun and walking great. Then this little dog starts running toward us, off leash, completely ignoring its owners. So I think 'Okay great, we'll try to keep walking' but then I give up and put her in a sit and hold her collar. The dog runs up, they sniff, and Dandi goes crazy with snarls and barking. The little dog runs off and the owners.. keep walking with it off leash!?

It comes running back at us and she does the same thing before they finally put it on a leash. I have no doubts in my mind that they think my dog is evil now, but I didn't stick around to find out. I was half in a panic and was not going to deal with it, so I went home.

But now I have to ask; how do I deal with her behavior? She's never reacted that way to dogs before. I half expected it; as soon as they were sniffing she was cowering and her ears were back and her tail tucked. When she gets scared or annoyed with my cat she does the same thing; growls and snarls and acts big and tough, but never actually hurts her. Telling her to back off gets her away from the cat, but when she's stuck on a leash with a dog running around her that's not really an option.

Should I have shooed the dog away, yelled at the owners [even though their dog didn't listen to a word they said] or just keep walking? The dog was half her size, and she could have seriously hurt it.

Why can't owners just have control of their dogs?
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First, you show your dog that you will handle the situation by stepping between her and the other dog. Second, you stop the other dog in it's tracks with a "No!" and hold out your hand like a stop sign (dogs understand that body language). The dog should stop its advance/hold their distance at that point. At that point you tell the owners to come and get their dog before you call Animal Control.
if I had thought of doing that she probably wouldn't have had the reaction she did. Thank you TooneyDogs, I'll deffinitely keep that in mind if this happens again. Hopefully I'll be a bit better thinking on my feet than I was this time.
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