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In about 4-5 months I will be moving into my grandmothers house to help my mother take care of her. The plan as of now is I will live in the basement apartment with the dogs. Honestly I am really excited for the move and hope it all goes smoothly. This is going to be a long term move. In other words this will probably be my last move.

It's really going to be a great move for everyone. Especially the dogs. Because HOORAY we will back in the country/a rural area! I am so sick of living in the city with barely any back or front yard for the dogs. Out at the new place the dogs are going to have TONS of space.

I just realized that even though I have moved twice in the past. I have never actually moved with dogs before. I have moved with cats in the past. And I can't imagine it is that different.

I of course plan to move them last, and utilize their crates while getting settled.

I was just wondering what kind of stories others have about moving with their pooches. I especially am curious to hear from multi dog homes. Because I have four I am moving with.
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