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Share Your Stories Of Moving To A New Home With Your Dog/Dogs

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In about 4-5 months I will be moving into my grandmothers house to help my mother take care of her. The plan as of now is I will live in the basement apartment with the dogs. Honestly I am really excited for the move and hope it all goes smoothly. This is going to be a long term move. In other words this will probably be my last move.

It's really going to be a great move for everyone. Especially the dogs. Because HOORAY we will back in the country/a rural area! I am so sick of living in the city with barely any back or front yard for the dogs. Out at the new place the dogs are going to have TONS of space.

I just realized that even though I have moved twice in the past. I have never actually moved with dogs before. I have moved with cats in the past. And I can't imagine it is that different.

I of course plan to move them last, and utilize their crates while getting settled.

I was just wondering what kind of stories others have about moving with their pooches. I especially am curious to hear from multi dog homes. Because I have four I am moving with.
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It made no difference whatsoever with our dog (he was 4 or 5 at the time). We actually moved to an apartment so we couldn't just let him out to pee, so it was really worse for me than us.

We had to rehome our other dog following the move, but there were special circumstances.
We had our dog, Dahlia, for about 7 years before we moved from a duplex in the city to a house in the suburbs. The big things I did to make sure it was pretty comfortable for her:

1. Bring her over to the house a few times during the week before we moved in (the house was ours on 4/20, we moved on 4/25).

2. Moved all her stuff LAST. Her bed and box of toys and most of her treats stayed at the duplex until we were ready to leave.

3. Kept as much of my furniture as possible. We had the same couch, same recliner, same living room rug, etc. Everything SMELLED like her and the old place.

4. On the day of the big move, we had her go stay with my mother until the moving part was done. That kept her out of the way and safe and away from all the confusion.

5. Kept her routine basically the same in the weeks after the move. Even though we now had a yard she could go potty in, we still took her out for pee walks in the morning and evening before bed. We kept her bed on the same side of our bed (and we didn't wash the blanket over it before moving so it smelled like her). We kept her same bed in the living room that she always laid on. We fed her at the same time with the same basic way we always fed her (barking her for her food, silly tricks, etc.).

She settled in really well!
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