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Share your favorite memories of dogs that have passed.

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I was thinking as I read some of the memorials on here how hard it is to lose the dogs we love. In time the sadness is pushed back a little in our hearts and room is made for happy memories. Some of those bring a smile to our hearts and faces. Some bring tears and pain to our damaged hearts but I believe that ALL if them are worthwhile and ALL of them help us to heal.

I thought it would be fun to share some of those stories with other's here on the forum. I will share a few but hope that others will chime in with memories of their own.

First is one that makes me chuckle often. As you all know a large percentage of the population is very much afraid of Rottweiler's. I know that bad things have happened when they are in the wrong homes but since I have had the same breed for over 30 years now and they have ALL been wonderful dogs, it is hard for me to understand completely.

Inga was an exceptionally sweet dog. She got along with all other dogs, birds, rabbits, horses, cats, you name it she loved it. Inga was also a very dependable dog and I was able to trust her off leash, as her recalls were very reliable. When she was with me at a public fishing spot once, we were walking along a trail that went down to the water. I could see men up ahead in the water (in waders) fishing. We walked along down by the water and some of the men turned and talked to me a bit but one man was very busy trying to fix his hook and kept looking at it. I often called Inga "Peaches" or Sweet Peaches" and on that day, I called out to her. She was by this time, right behind the man that was fixing his hook. He turned and saw her there and almost fell over into the water. He said, "THAT is PEACHES? I was expecting a Poodle or something." He was a huge man, probably 6' 5" tall and very broad, so it struck me especially funny.

He laughed along with me when I talked to him about her and he was very happy to meet her once he had better footing. lol

I know that it isn't so funny to read, but I still remember the mans eyes when he said "THAT is PEACHES?" It cracks me up every time.

I have hundreds of memories of that dog because we spent so much time together. She came with me everywhere, even to work. She left a hole in my heart, but I LOVE all the memories I have of her.

Sorry I thought you all needed a visual of how cute my "Sweet Peaches" was. :D
What are your happy or funny stories?
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My favorite memory was when we had Pet Day at my elementary school.
In the 2nd grade I had an amazing teacher. She was creative and a huge nature/animal lover. One day she asked us how we felt about a having a "pet day". Everyone in the class loved the idea. She sent home a paper and made sure no one had an allergies, and required every student to bring it back with a signature. After that the principal approved our special day. All that week we were all excited and couldn't stop talking about the pets that would be coming. That morning for the first hour of class she spent time talking with us about how to properly handle animals, approach them, and other proper pet ownership things. She had each pet come in the room one at a time and we all spent time learning about the pet. We had mostly dogs, a few cats, a fish, and a turtle. I was kinda disappointed towards the end because my dad hadn't shown up with Lady yet. Then as the last pet left our teacher asked us to get lined up to go out to the play yard. When we got out there I saw my dad holding Lady's leash and a frisbee. We spent a good half hour outside playing with her, throwing her frisbee. Everyone loved seeing my dog and getting to throw the frisbee for her.
Over the weekend we had to write a paragraph about which pet was our favorite and why. I ended up writing mine about a Sheltie. On Monday we turned in our papers and after lunch my teacher came up to me and said every student wrote about Lady. I felt so special. It was probably one of the coolest things to ever happen to me. I was sooo proud of my dog.

One of my very first memories ever is going to get Lady. I was four years old at the time, and I don't remember too much, but I remember her following me around. I didn't choose her, she chose me. :)
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My favorite dog growing up was Buddy. He was the first dog I ever really bonded with, and I taught him all sorts of tricks (though he would only do them if I was holding food). He lost his leg in a car accident when he was about 2,and lived to 9 as a three-legged 80lb dog.

My favorite memories of him are how he used to have "conversations" with us. He would sit facing you as you talked to him, smiling with just his front teeth, then when you stopped talking he would woo-woo-woo back at you then stop and wait for you to hold up your end of the convo, lol. We also used to have those popsicles that come in a plastic tube...I hated the red ones but we never got new ones unless the whole box was gone, so whenever I ate one I would get out a red one, snip off the end, and hold it out for Buddy...he would bite down just hard enough to break off a piece, then pull it out the open end, and repeat until the popsicle was gone (okay it probably wasn't good for him but I didn't know any better).

Such a great dog :)
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I was too young to have exact memories of dogs we had when I was young but I want to say that I love it Inga when you talk about your rotties :) Those we meet in our neighbourhood are really sweet too.
once we looked after a friends farm dog, she was really a cool dog and would pull us on a skate board, she has since passed, but i remember her puppies, we used to make them get lost in long grass then have to find us again.

we took in my grandmas elderly dog a few years ago, i remember teaching her hand signals as she was deaf, but then she went mostly blind too lol. i remember taking her to school and doing a speach about how i was training her, she was a great dog.

then our pup Axle, we only had him for 2 weeks but i will never forget the joy he found in a bean bag. he would pounce on it and then run away and then pounce on it again. but the thing i miss the most is the day we met him he chose us, there was him and his sister left and he just rocked up and sat on my lap staring into my eyes telling me he loved me. RIP dear Axle, you will always be in our hearts, the perfect dog even if you were only 10weeks old
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Brandy was a beautiful Golden Retriever we got when she was about 3 years old. A family friend was moving to Kansas and could not take her with him, so we took her in. She was impeccably trained, and to this day is the most well behaved, pleasant dog I have ever encountered.

I have so many great memories... my Dad used to have a fishing boat and Brandy would love it when we went to a lake or a pond... she would just swim for hours on end, seemingly never getting tired. I distinctly remember one afternoon when she "retrieved" a mallard duck, which was probably my fault looking back, I was feeding the ducks and pretty much bringing them to her!

Brandy was a stereotypical Golden, she absolutely LOVED everyone and just lived for people and fetching tennis balls! Everyone in the family suffered sore arms from constantly throwing tennis balls. She went through a few cans of tennis balls a month! Oh, and don't get me started on strangers. She would walk right up to a stranger and drop the slobbery tennis ball right at their feet! My Dad restored (and still does) old cars, so the UPS man was/is around a lot... Brandy befriended more than one of them, but she especially took fancy to the one man that would actually stop and play ball with her. I actually remember one day when she jumped in his truck! The UPS man said "You know I could take this dog home, right?" lol!

She was an absolutely wonderful dog, and I have so many memories. She is the reason I love dogs so much today. I'll have to dig through my pictures one day and scan a few for you guys. She was stunning!
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my first dog i remember well i got her in 1994 and she passed in 2006! she was a gsd,lab, beagle mix. Cute as a button. I remember when my mom brought her home, she rode the whole way on my mom's lap, she was only 4 months old when she was brought home to me. Her name was cherokee.

i remember the day she died very well. it was the same day i put my 1 year old siamese to sleep and my other cat got hit by a car and died...3 animals in one day tad much to handle for one person!:(
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Inga, i could fill a book w/ my memories of Lacey, but right now i think it's to soon to put on a page...i can barely see the keyboard as it is...10 yrs of memories just isn't enuff...
We just recently had to say goodbye to our wonderful Sadie after 13.5 years. One of my favorite memories is back a few years ago....my husband was working from home and realized he must have left a piece of paperwork he needed back at the office.

Knowing how our girl loved to "go for a ride"....he decided to go to the office to get what he needed and asked her if she wanted to "go for a ride?"? She grabbed her stuffed duckie and ran for the front door...and shot down the front walkway like a furry black lightning bolt.

Rob loaded her into the backseat of the car and took off. Almost an hour later he and Sadie come home...she lays down for a nap and Rob is shaking his head and laughing.

Apparently, when he got to the car he FOUND what he was looking for....it was not at the office. Knowing how much Sadie loves to ride in the car with her Papa and not wanting to disappoint her....he decided to drive her around town anyway. He couldn't bring himself to get her out of the car and go back in the house so instead her drove her all around the neighborhood with her window rolled down!!!!

I love him more for loving her so much!!!!
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I was on the call list for the central station alarm at my friends studio. He was an art conservator, and had tens of millions of dollars worth of art and antiques leaning against every wall. The alarm went off while he was out of town and I went to meet the NYPD to have a look around and reset. The second time it went off, we agreed that I would look in and give the cops a call if anything looked out of place. The audible alarm didn't bother his mini dachshund the first time, and she seemed happy to have visitors. The second time, she was looking a bit stressed, so I took her home with me.

My Rottie Mack was well behaved around other dogs, but he had definite preferences. He liked other Rotts above all other dogs, and female Rotts more than males. His (older) half sister was the only other dog he ever acted goofy around. When he met that extremely bossy little doxie, it was pure magic. He went from being a near-12 year old to being a puppy again. Even though he was in constant pain from arthritis, he let her sleep on his dog bed. He just lay there next to her with a dopey grin that could only be interpreted as: "Can I keep her? Pleeeeeeze?".
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I used to LMAO watching my Big Boy Zachary chase my brother around the kitchen table while biting his feet and snarling at him! :D He use to say STOP IT! and laugh and Zachary would chase him some more!

One day, dd had dress up clothes for play time and we dressed him up with a fancy skirt and a purple feather boa. He was so cute!

I always loved to watch him when the pizza guy would come. He'd stand at the door talking up a storm wondering if I'm gonna open the door yet and when I do, the pizza guys' eyes would get so big cuz they see this 130lbs rottweiler commin at them! I always said, don't worry, you're bringing his dinner. :D

One evening last summer after I was done paying for pizza, Zachary got off the porch which he was allowed to do and the guy said I had nice cherry tomatoes. I said thanks, if ya wants some, take some and just as I said that, Zachary hiked his leg up and peed all over them! :D
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I used to LMAO watching my Big Boy Zachary chase my brother around the kitchen table while biting his feet and snarling at him! :D He use to say STOP IT! and laugh and Zachary would chase him some more!

One day, dd had dress up clothes for play time and we dressed him up with a fancy skirt and a purple feather boa. He was so cute!

I always loved to watch him when the pizza guy would come. He'd stand at the door talking up a storm wondering if I'm gonna open the door yet and when I do, the pizza guys' eyes would get so big cuz they see this 130lbs rottweiler commin at them! I always said, don't worry, you're bringing his dinner. :D

One evening last summer after I was done paying for pizza, Zachary got off the porch which he was allowed to do and the guy said I had nice cherry tomatoes. I said thanks, if ya wants some, take some and just as I said that, Zachary hiked his leg up and peed all over them! :D
Now THAT sounds like my Carsten. Especially the peeing on the tomatoes you had just offered to the Pizza guy. He is such a brat. lol

I just wanted to share another happy memory of my Inga.

Inga was a registered Therapy dog so she would go into nursing homes, hospitals etc... On one visit to a nursing home the nurse asked me to visit a particular older woman. She explained that the woman was catatonic and not to expect anything from her. She just knew that dogs had meant the world to that woman and couldn't pass up a chance to do something for that woman. I agreed.
Inga walked right into the room and laid her head on the womans lap. She laid quietly for over 10 minutes with no response from the woman. I picked up the womans hand and laid it onto Inga's head and they held that position for some time. I was getting ready to go when I noticed the womans hand moving ever so slightly on Inga's head. Inga never moved, she just held that position. She had the patience of a saint for sure. She was always reminding me that a human should be better then a dog and I best catch up because she was way out ahead of me.
I suspect when she passed on God looked at her and said "Well done my good and faithful servant, well done." I wish I could be as good as that sweet Angel dog was.
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Nina came to me when i was 15, she lived next door after being given to our druggy neighbours as a guard dog, but her sweetness soon made them see that training her as a guard dog was futile. so hence I ended up with her, as they were set on shooting her until i said that i would rehome her. But i bonded with her and kept her. she had many horrid habits, like stealing shopping bags, filled with tim tams, coca cola and soup mix, brought home our neighbours wallet once, and her mobile phone another, chewed my friends 400 dollar pair of shoes and cost me 1000 dollars to repair our neighbours fish pond. She was never at home and preferred the nomadic lifestyle. she ha da bit of GSD and a bit of pitbull, but above all she had the biggest heart I have ever seen in a dog. it was farmland surrounding us so we never really worried about her wandering as no one cared, unfortunately 3 properties down had just moved in and a rogue feral dog had been killing sheep, I was told that he shot her thinking that she was the culprit. but i have not seen a body, so refuse to believe this and will not stop searching for her. it's been 6 years but until i know she couldn't possibly be alive, i will not give up. She was my heart dog and despite her atrocious deeds, she was everything and perfect.

This is her with my neighbours daughter Jasmin
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I've said enough about my Cowboy on DF...he knows I love him.

but there is another. I don't speak of her much. the memory of her passing is too much.

but this thread made me remember before that. thank you Inga.

Ginger was an English Setter. My mom used to look after an elderly man and when he became too old to care for her, his dog Ginger came home with us.

she was a goofball. literally. she bounced all over the place.

I was eleven and told firmly that "you are not to take the dog out alone."

being the little hooligan I was and said to myself "I AM going to walk MY dog. MYSELF."

and not only did I one day clip on her leash and take her out...I did it on rollerblades. dumb stupid idea.

she took off, instantly dragging me to the ground. I scraped my knees, my face and my arms all to pieces clinging tightly to the leash, determined NOT to let go.

but it hurt so much I began to cry.

and Ginger stopped. instantly. she turned and looked at me. and calmly walked over and laid down next to me, nuzzling me and licking my face. and she stayed right by me until I could get up and stumble home. she let me lean on her, taking the weight off of my banged up legs(and sprained ankle) calmly by my side as if to say "im sorry I got so excited"

what a good girl.

she developed mammary tumors a few years later and needed surgery desperatly, which we couldn't afford. there was a horrible growth on her belly that cracked the skin. I would go lay by her and help her to eat and squeezing a washcloth into her mouth so she could get water, I was terrified of what my mom was going to do.

a lady at the vet's said that if we give her up to be adopted by someone who could afford it she might have a chance...so my mom gave her up.

what happened to her ultimately...I don't know. I like to think she found a kind soul to take her in. I hope so...but not knowing....makes it hard. she was one of my best friends ever.

and then there's my Vivi.

her memorial will come...someday when I can stand it.
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I honestly try not to think too much about Carter, just because the pain is still very much in the center of my heart for him. He was a great boy, I miss him a lot. I still deep down n my heart, hope to have my Ex call me up and tell me somehow we didn't put him down, but he is sitting on his doorstep waiting for us. *wipes tear*

I remember my Ex and I bonding with Carter the first few days he was home with us. We figured out how to play hide and seek with him. I'd keep him downstairs while my EX would go hide in a room upstairs or behind a door. Carter would run like the wind trying ot find his "dad". It was the cutest thing!
"I know your in there dad!"

I also remember the first time we brought him home our first squeeky toy. That toy was his most prized posession for all the time he was with us. Never tore it up, and always carried it around with him.

I really wish I had a longer time with Carter. 8 months was far too short. I miss my old bud, but this photo says it all!
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I've had a lot of dogs in my life and I miss them all. Pepper the Dalmatian used to go down to my dock(live on a lake) and swim with my daughter's. As soon as she saw them in bathing suits she knew she was going swimming. I made some steps where the girls could get back onto the dock easily. Well Pepper took a liking to the steps and would lay on them and wait for fish(small bream) to come by. She would snatch them out of the water and carry them up on the bank. Some days she would catch 5 or 6 fish, we have movies on her doing this. Kind of reminds you of bears catching salmon on National Geographic. David
My Maggie was the sweetest girl... to me. She hated everyone else. She was a red ridgeback/lab mix. The best. I had the pleasure of her company during the hardest years of my life. I went through 2 divorces with each parent, taking care of my mom/little sis when my mom had surgery, and too many other things to go into. Maggie was my rock. She was always there to listen to me when I was having a hard day. She was 90lbs of love. The one thing that always made me so angry with her is the thing that makes me smile now. She'd always walk by me, and wipe her eye boogies on my leg. ALWAYS. That was the only time she'd ever move fast, was to whip that head into my leg. I could never get away from it. It was disgusting, but it was her game.
One day a while ago, Cerb wiped an eye boogie on me, and I burst into tears thinking of Maggie. Poor Cerb just layed at me feet and talked to his crazy mommy.
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My gretta (recently passwed away) was truly the best dog I have ever had! It is still hard for me to come home every day after work and she isn't there!

EVERYTHING about Gretta is a fond memory! She was such a motherly typ dog. Alwasy watching out for my little boys and other kids that would come over. She would protect a kid she just met! She loved all animals and wasn't aggressive to them.
My most favorite memories are of her and my oldest son. When he was a baby he would walk up to her and say "eye" and poke her right in the eye...she was sooo sweet and gentle all she would do it like him on the side of the head to make him stop poking her! Their favorite game was my son would stand at the baby gate and call for her...she would come running from the other room and hurddle him and the baby gate..then following was my son wityh the baby belly laughing so hard he couldn't walk! He would straddle her while she was laying on the ground and he played horsey with her and she would just lay there patiently!
She has made me and my husband forever rottwieler owners! She would greet frinds warmly and welcomly, yet always stood between them and me or my boys. She loved bathing and licking my doberman's eyes and ears daily!
She could sit, lay down, play dead, dance, shake. My doberman mastered opening dorrs, yet Gretta never got it. So she would stand on one side of the door and bark, we would then ask our doberman "Zeus, where's Gretta" and he would jump up, run over to the door and let her in EVERYTIME!

She really was my first born child born child before I had human children! Loosing her was like loosing one of my son's!

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Canidae Dog Dog breed Grass Companion dog

Dog breed Dog Canidae Facial expression Carnivore

Canidae Dog breed Dog Nose Snout
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I have had many dogs pass and they all have special places in my heart. There was Dolly the English Pointer that I got when I was 4 years old - she was sent for training with my father and I fell in love with her, he ended up having to buy her for me! She was the calmest English Pointer and Dolly and I were inseperable until she died when I was in my teens.

My next dog was a feral Rottweiler mix puppy. Mom (purebred Rottie) was found in the woods by hunters with her three pups. All were emaciated, momma had burns - the size of cigarettes - all over her body. My Christy was the only one who hadn't been adopted - they were being kept at a local vet's office. She was brought home by a vet tech for the weekend and they happened to be our neighbor. Christy hadn't voluntarily approached anyone at that point. I went and knelt down in front of her and she climbed into my lap. She was 4-5 months old then. She was the most amazing dog, she's been gone more than 10 years and I still miss her. She was an amazing hunter, brought snakes to me regularly - not something I appreciated! She was so caring and gentle with all.

Then there was little Jessie, our sheltie mix, who could alert me to another dog's seizures. Jessie was so shy and skittish, we thought when we had kids that she might have to be re-homed. Instead she turned in the doggie version of Mary Poppins and alerted us to every noise our son made. She would go in to check our son out in his crib and spent most of her time sleeping in front of his nursery door waiting for him to wake up.

Katie, our above mentioned aussie who developed seizures. She was such a sweet soul who succumbed to a massive seizure at a year old. Molly, our lovable big yellow lab who we lost last year. She never grew up and loved EVERYONE.

It's so hard losing a dog but what they give back to us is worth the pain in the long run.
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Amber was my 1st dog that i acually remeber, i have had dogs when i was young about 6, then no dogs until i was 14 and amber was that dog she was a golden, as a 14 year old you grow up with them and they means more to you then when you are younger, kind of like that best freind through high school and college who you always get along with...

Anyways we used to run around my backyard daily and she would acually tackle me from behind just to roll around on the grass with me, i dont think i will ever have a dog as good as her she lived to please me and never did anything wrong and i am happy she made it through the holidays this year, they were her favorite times when all the family came over...

Here's her pic of her on xmas day a day before she had to be put down because of her hips and water on her heart she was 13

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