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Hey all. I have a great 9 month old Brushcoat Shar Pei. She has always had the silly snorting and grunts that come with a short nosed dog. But after a good long play day on July 4th it all seems to have gotten worse. That night she had a hard time laying down and would pop back up while trying to get comfortable, had a fever and had a much louder nasal inhaling sound. I took her to the vet the next day and she suggested a possible bacterial infection. So she was put on antibiotics and antihistamines. These didn't do all that much that I noticed although she was able to relax again and overall behaves quite normally.

After the dose of antibiotics ran up I took her back to the vet as she is still breathing abnormally. Mainly now it's loud nasal sound, gulping for air through her mouth, and panting while not active. The vet still is leaning on an infection and put her on a different antibiotic. She's been on those for a few days with no change. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on other things it could be or things I could bring up to the vet. We haven't done blood work yet but I'm sure if things don't get better that will be the next step.
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