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Shampoo and comb recommendations

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I am sure there is a few threads about this, but it does not hurt to ask again.

As I stated in a previous thread in the Dog Health forum, I currently own a wonderful Llasa Apso. I would like to know what kinds of shampoo would be best for her or if there is a shampoo you would recommend. The majority of the time I have used Hartz-brand shampoos, but maybe someone might know of a shampoo made especially for breeds with longer hair and/or for a shinier coat and longer lasting scent? Would not mind spending a few extra dollars on a better shampoo (typically shampoo I buy for her costs me 5 to 9 dollars).

Also looking for a comb that is made for long haired breeds. Thanks
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I absolutly love this brush it does a much better job than a comb or brush! And the dogs love it cause they get a masage at the same time. I find brushed and combs hurt them sometimes. My dogs get sooo excited when they see me get this out!


as far as shampoo's I don't think breed specific shampoo's are really necesary. I think any good quality shampoo will do fine! Maybe though since she has long hair get something with a little conditioner in it for tangles.
WOW DO NOT USE hartz products. .They can be harmful to dogs.. They have made dogs go blind as well have serious reactions to them..

some great shampoos are natures specialites, bark2basics, kaygeeco company, cardinal, most anything you can find at petedge.com or ryanspet.com or theshampoolady.com

as far as a brush.. the universal slicker brush is great.. get the medium curved back.

also get a comb if you keep in full coat.
something like that.. I prefer the medium coarse but a lot of other groomer prefer the fine coarse..

the difference is the length of the teeth. .they are longer in the medium.

Also.. NEVER use conditioner on a Lhasa.. They are supposed to make the hair supple and soft and manageable. This is the complete opposite for Lhasa's.

The zoom groom wont work for a long haired dog.. Those are for short haired dogs to help with shedding and also to help with bathing..

If used properly a comb or brush will not hurt the animal.
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