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The backstory...

We got Kirby as a puppy from my parents. He's a keeshond/chihuahua mix. He was always a happy and active dog. In 2006 Sam (a stray) found us. We think he's a golden/dachshund (or basset hound?) mix - he looks just like a short and long golden retriever. He was skinny, covered in fleas, and pitiful. We took care of him and he quickly became healthy and happy. They got along fine.

We had our first baby in 2008 and our second baby in 2010. Over the past few years they have become increasingly aggressive with each other. Sam guards the food, but Kirby is more dominant and usually gets his way.

Kirby is great with the kids, when Sam isn't around. Sam tolerates the kids. But if we give either too much attention Kirby gets jealous and growls at Sam - sometimes escalating to a fight.

My biggest fear is a fight near the kids, obviously. My husband has gotten a couple cuts breaking up fights.

We had them neutered yesterday, thinking that should help some of the aggressive behavior. I know they're in pain, but they've been worse than ever. Sam has been coughing, and Kirby just can't handle it. He gets SO grumpy with Sam that we have to keep them separated or outside (they don't fight once they're outside). We have an area outside (about 10x20 feet) where they can hang out outside.

We can't afford any formal training (I assume it's too late for that anyway). It was a stretch to have them neutered.

Do you think this extra grumpy behavior is only due to the pain? Do you think they will be better? What should we do if the fights continue? I can't handle the stress of keeping them from fighting near the kids. :(

I came here because I thought y'all would know a lot and maybe be familiar with this type of situation. Please give me your thoughts and advice. Thanks in advance!
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