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Serious Acne Problems

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I have a female nine years old min-schnauzer, that has developed acne all along her back like where you would find schnauzer bumps. So I am working with two vets and a great lady in Washington state who experience this same problem. We are tryng shampoos to bring it under control, but so far not doing very well. So now working on everything she eats starting with the main food diet. The problem I am having is what treats to give her, some say grain free treats are the way to go? Most of the treats I have been giving my two minnies are treats recommended on this site. And I think they are good, but maybe for my girl some thing else may be needed.

What I have been giving then is,Wellbars most of them have barley, brown rice and oatmeal in them, also Natural Balance L.I.T. brown rice and lamb for small breed, and Healthy Bones that has wild rice too. Not even sure if the treats are the problem?

There main food is Sojos which I add the raw chicken or beef and my vet said that may be the main problem. So no more raw for her. We are trying to eliminate what may be the problem! BTW, I was always proud to tell every one here how much I like Sojos, and just found out they get alot of there ingredients form good ol'e China.

This lady from Washington suggest switching to a food duck & potatoes by Pinnacle especially for dogs with skin allergies, have you heard of them?. Any help would be so much appreciated because my vets are not making much progress and when they said to switch to their Science diet, I knew we are in trouble! Thanks for reading Bob
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OP - Just a question as I have a Schnauzer/Poodle who has bumps on his back and prednisone is not fixing it. Both his parents are purebreds. Do they bleed and scab up? I Googled this and it says it is called Comedome Syndrome ... is this correct?

I found this interesting .... www.schnauzers-rule.com/schnauzer-bumps.html I cannot tell by the picture if this is what you are talking about ... but there is some advice on how to control it. :)
Thank you for the links! this is definitely not schnauzer bumps, both my two different vets and I agree on that. It does scab up and I even noticed some pus like coming out and then forming the scab. If the dog gets to it and bites it like my dog is trying to do It will then have to treat as a infection. So she is living with the e-collar, until this is under control. Just think of a young teen ager with acne and scratching there face with their nails. So I am trying a sulur base shampoo that some one said helped their dog. It seems to help by soothing it some what, but not going away. Thanks for replying to my post!
Could be folliculitis, which is basically canine acne. Is the areas red?

Folliculitis responds very well to a round of antibiotics, and a regiment of medicated shampoos, sulfer based ones are very good.

I have had a dog have this, and got misdiagnosed by a couple vets as hives/allergic reactions. It took an ole time vet to realize what it was and put the dog on the right dose of meds/right meds.
My vets are treating it as a allergic reaction, and want me to change foods treats etc. Some of the area do get red before the pus comes out just like peoples acne. It would be great if they can find an antibiotic that is what I will ask my vet and relate your post, thanks. Every thing drys up to yellowish brown scabs, but it does not bother her to a point where she wants to jump out of her skin, but i am worried if it gets to that stage! I do remeber when I was a kid and had mild problems with acne and they did say to avoid certain foods. Her scabs are small but will be large if she was able to bite at the scab, thus the e-collar.
Just wondering if you can find out what antibiotic worked for your dog, that would really help! Thanks
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