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This is BINGO, the only male dog I ever had in my 59 yrs of life. He was adopted on September 22, 2012 was thrown out of car a year before coming to live with us. We got him for our two daughters when they became non allergic to dog dander. I had really no desire to grow close to him, I was going to get a larger dog for myself. Funny how the relationship of dog and their human begins, from the start I was the first one he saw and ran to, I held him first on the way to the Vet, held him when the Vet gave him shots, and held him on the way home. From the beginning I was His choice! He was my hiking, fishing, camping and driving buddy. He always slept between my wife and I, he was very jealous over me and wpuld push my wife away alot. He passed away last Monday in his sleep after battling bladder stones, he was so weak at the end but sometimes I wonder if he stayed for me. Two days before he went home to be with Jesus, I cryed and told him it was okay to rest, that his purpose was fulfilled and that I would always love him. Bingo was buried on Tuesday, it was the hardest emotional day I have had in years, those who don't hurt immensely never had the opportunity to love a dog, let alone being loved unconditionally by your pet soul mate. Everday since, I go outside and spend time sitting next to him, telling him how much I love and miss him. I know one day, in honor of my boy hopefully I will be able to share myself with another dog.
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