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So my roommate got a dog and he isn't equipped to deal with her. He is disabled and is basically forcing me to take care of her. She has really, really bad separation anxiety. It looks like she's having a seizure whenever I walk into the living room when he's gone because she is shaking so much. I've never seen such terror in an animal's eyes for such an extended period of time, hours and hours sometimes.

I'll note that her owner won't do anything, so if I need to involve him, then nothing will get done. I've read a lot about it, but it almost all involves the owner, which I cannot do. Literally, I cannot involve him whatsoever. Not even slightly. I can't even talk to him about this because I'm not going to risk an eviction (he is also my landlord) if he takes it personally or something.

Today, I carried her into my room when he left (she won't voluntarily come in) and also brought one of my roommates cats. I sat her in between me and the cat and it calmed her down a lot. But she is still shaking pretty badly and is desperate for attention. She won't stop nosing my hands to try to get me to pet her. Should I react to her anxiety and try to soothe her, or will that only reinforce it?

He got her from a shelter, where she was obviously at the bottom of the totem poll, and was definitely attacked by other dogs there when left alone. It's just a guess, but she yelps horribly whenever one of the cats paws at her, so it just seems like she has PTSD from an attack. She is also terrified by kids, and I have to cross the street when I walk by them with her; or she'll absolutely freak. Also if I step on her paw by accident, she yelps and runs to a corner where she cowers in terror from me. Don't know if this is important but I'm just including everything that might be relevant.

Anyway, so what can I do being just a roommate, without having to involve the owner? And without having to spend tons of time, because I am young, very immature for my age, and know that I don't have the time or will to properly take care of a dog.

Thank you!
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