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We need some help with our 6-month old Springer spaniel, Digby.

He is a lovely boy but we think that he has separation anxiety.

Both of us work mainly from home, but do pop out from time to time. When we are home, we are normally in the same room as Digby. If we have to leave the room for any length of time (e.g if I want a bath and my husband is out), Digby goes in his crate. Same if we are both out of the house.

Digby seems to like his crate - when we are in the kitchen where it is, he often puts himself in his crate for a snooze, or takes a chew toy in there, and he eats in there.

When we leave him alone and we are in the house, he seems ok, a few whines but generally not too much noise (sometimes he is noisier than others and when his teatime is approaching - then he shouts :)). If he is making lot of noise, I have often looked in to see what he is doing (without him noticing) and he is just lying down, but making a noise. Doesn't seem particularly stressed.

He is not a vocal dog normally.

However, when we are both out and he is home alone, he only stops barking or yelping in short bursts and then starts up again (I take voice recordings to see). When we are getting ready to go out, he does not seem particularly fussed, and he goes into his crate fine (with a nice stuffed kong), but once we go, it starts.

We don't know what to do as (1) he seems to like his crate as a general rule (2) we leave him a kong and a favourite chew toy - the kong is normally empty but he doesn't seem to play.

Has anyone got any ideas how to make things better??


Digby's mum
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