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Separation Anxiety

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I recently adopted a jug about 2 weeks ago. He has serious separation anxiety. It is a task to leave our house! He barks and jumps at the door to stop us. Today he nipped my fiancee's foot when we left. I know he has been through a lot. He was found by the animal control in May. I've heard it takes adopted dogs 6 weeks to adjust, but I want to work on this ASAP! What can we do to decrease his separation anxiety?
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AIW suggestion look good.

FYI - This is not "separation anxiety." It is just a normal reaction of not yet understanding the rules and not yet understanding how the rules of your house work... and the fact that you will be coming back. As aiw suggests, your dog should be able to learn and relax in a couple of months.

Separation anxiety is a phobia, a strong emotional fear and reaction, that can include tearing up the house, and trying to escape when left alone. It can take a long time to calm things down, and sometimes requires drug intervention, when extreme.
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