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IMG_0244.jpg Hi, I have a half husky, half pitbull. She's a year and 8 months old. I'm her third if not fourth home due to irresponsible previous owners and circumstances that disallowed her second to last to keep her. I got her from her breeder who had her for about 6 months. She's never had an accident with her breeder, but since day one of bringing her home, every time I leave her whether she just went out or not, she either pees or otherwise....even if it's just ten minutes. Recently it's been getting worse--i went to New York one day with my boyfriend, and she stayed with my roommate....and i came home to her having peed in my bed while I was gone. i thought she had gotten better from this (a Month ago) and her accidents had been minimal since I started crating her, but she still has them--she'll sneak away when he's over to eliminate in another part of the house (i assume it's attention-seeking). Then, yesterday, I went to my boyfriend's parents' house for about 6 hours, again, she was with my roommate (whom she loves) and I came home to another peed-in bed. i'm stressed out with enough to have to deal with this stress on top of it (my moods are affecting her maybe?) but i'm getting to a point of questioning whether i can keep her if she keeps doing this. she's also mouthy and destructive in that manner-- she chewed up a new bed i got her, my socks, tupperware and gets in the garbage. HELP!?

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I know, it's frustrating! And, she can definitely sense your mood and stress levels! So, take a deep breath and relax! :)

I feel sorry for the poor girl! She's had a rough start, and it's great that you are there for her now! But, because she's had so many owners, I suspect she hasn't been properly trained. I mean, if you are her third or fourth home, and she is nearing 2 years old, she's had to adapt, or TRY to adapt to new people, sights, smells, sounds, places, etc. That's a lot for a dog, and so, I suspect she hasn't absorbed much, if any, or the training she received.

Also, she's probably a bit unsure about her situation. With moving from home to home, she may not be feeling safe or secure.

Any time a dog goes to a new home, regardless of their age, it's a good idea to go back to the basics of potty training. You were told she didn't have an accident at the breeders' home. BUT, how much do you know about what kind of situation she was in there? Regardless, she is in a new home with you, and going back to the basics of potty training will help her learn the rules of her new home, and your routine for potty training, etc.

First, she isn't peeing/pooping for attention. If she pees when you are gone, even if you're only gone for 10 minutes, it sounds very much like she's doing it out of anxiety or stress. This is actually very common. Even though she might like your roommate, YOU are her owner and when you leave, she feels upset, and lots of dogs pee/poop when they're upset.

* It sounds like she has WAY to much freedom around the house. I know you said it got better when you started crating her, but if it's still happening, she has too much unsupervised time in which to sneak away and pee/poop.
* I recommend going back to the basics of potty training her; it would mean that she is crated or confined any time you can't supervise her closely, meaning you have to watch her. It's just like having a puppy!

The bottom line is, she isn't behaving as if she's potty trained, so go back to the beginning. Your job is to never give her the CHANCE to have an accident. That means:
- take her out every hour or so, when you're home.
- say the same words every time you want her to pee/poop outside, and give her lots of praise and a really yummy treat if she does it.
- watch her like a hawk. If you can't keep her in your sight, crate or confine her.

The only freedom she should have is when you know she's "empty" (you've seen that she's just peed and pooped) so you can trust her a bit.

When you leave, if your roommate doesn't want to watch her, she should be crated or confined. I would never let her have access to your bed when you are gone if she's not potty trained.

Also, clean up the messes, pee and poop, with an enzymatic cleaner. Regular cleaners will leave enough of a trace for a dog's strong sense of smell to know it's their and they'll be attracted to going indoors again.

As for the mouthing, and destructiveness, it sounds like she's received no training.

For mouthing: when she nips or bites, you should make a loud yelp or say ouch. If she keeps at it, you make the noise again, and then leave the room for 30 seconds or so. If she keeps at it when you've come back into the room start over, with the noise, and then leaving the room. You have to do the same thing every time she does this or she will keep trying, as she thinks she just might get away with it.
I know, it's a hassle, but she has to get the point that being mouthy like that means she loses contact with you.

As far as destroying things, the best thing you can do is dog proof your home. Dogs are slaves to temptation, and when you're not around, it's hard for them to stop getting into the trash. After all, dogs have a strong sense of smell, and there are lots of things in the trash that smell really interesting to her. When you're not their to remind her to stay out of stuff, and not steal your socks and such, the best thing to do is confine her, and keep them where she can't reach them.
Don't give up! You can do it! :)
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