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Fellow dog owners, my recently-adopted 2-yr old 75lb dog seemed like the perfect pet for the first month or so that we had him. He was already housebroken (although not microchipped) and we didn't bother crate training him because he seemed so well-behaved when we were gone.

After a month went by, we started noticing his separation anxiety; one night we came back to a pile of drywall after he tore a giant hole in the wall near the front door. We were careful not to scold him when he did this, as it's clear that he simply missed us and probably has insecurities / trauma from past experiences. Instead, we began crate training him, and I've been working from home for a few weeks now as we've gradually increased his time in the crate, rewarding him with treats, following the conventional advice from this forum, etc.

He is now able to stay in the crate for a couple of hours - while we are still in the house - without whining or trying to escape. It's clear that he still doesn't enjoy being inside of it (he is nervous and isn't "himself"), and still gets very anxious whenever we leave the house (for even 10 minutes), which makes me wonder if there is more I should be doing to make him feel safe in his crate.

Any advice on crate training or helping dogs cope with separation anxiety would be appreciated.
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