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Hello, I need help with my dog's separation anxiety after a move. She is a maltese/chihuahua mix just over a year old.

She has always had separation anxiety when she was a puppy, we moved in January and she still had separation anxiety at the new place. I was consistent in walking her, turning the tv on, giving her a treat, and leaving. Seemingly out of no where she just stopped freaking out and would sleep the whole time until my mom got home. (I have a pet camera app and I'm able to watch her from work.) Due to some family issues we had to move out and I was staying with a friend for about two months. I was not able to leave her where I was staying, so I brought her to work with me everyday and she became even more attached to me.

I just got a new place, living with my brother and his girlfriend who she is extremely attached to as well. We joke that they're her godparents lol. She just started getting comfortable at the new place. It's only been 4 days and she's getting to the point where she'll go downstairs by herself and isn't following us from room to room.

I will be starting a new job soon and I will no longer be able to bring her to work with me. We attempted to practice leaving her yesterday, in a very similar way I used to and she freaked out.

She is tiny but her bark is loud and since we live in apartments we can't have her barking. She used to bark non stop whether she was alone for 1 hour or 6 hours.

Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to reduce her anxiety?
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