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Separating Best Friends...

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My roommate and I moved in together 4 years ago. Within two months she adopted a chihuahua mix, and I was fully on her side. The chihuahua mix and I became best friends, so close that I decided I needed to do the same. The two boys have been best friends for the last year +. Now, one is 2yrs, and the other is 4yrs, and have been inseparable since the latest was introduced to his big bro. They will share the same bed (when the dog bed is on top of my bed!) and protect and guard each other like I have never seen best friends do before. Their friendship is something I have never seen before, even between humans.

Recently we have split our housing situation as we mature and need to go our separate ways. We both have discussed how sad our boys feel. It is killing us both! since the separation we have not had time to get together to have the boys play and spend time since we both have been traveling (and the boys were originally used to here and there).

I have moved to a home with two small girl dogs. One of which a multese, and the other a multipoo. He is shy, and scared around them.

My girl friend has moved into a small guesthouse alone, and says her boy is attached by the hip to her (which he was not before since I spent most time with both)/

My main question is, should we allow them to spend time together so soon, and if so how much? or should we allow them to adjust to their new lives so suddenly? we have the availability to have them together at least 2-4 times a week, but will this strengthen or weaken their well being?
I appreciate all your help :)
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That is a toughie! :(

I often wondered what would happen if I separated Leeo and Blu Boy .... being they are littermates and Brothers. Well .... I never had to ... but unfortunately Leeo just recently passed. I took Blu Boy to see Leeo at the Hospital .... and he seemed to know his brother was dying ... it was as if he never looked for him again after his visit. Before his visit ... Blu Boy did not seem overly concerned that Leeo was missing from the house?

Personally .... I would have had a tough time separating them and probably let them adjust and still see each other maybe once or twice a week as they adjusted ..... just me. I don't know if there is a right or wrong way on this one. Maybe someone else has experienced this?
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