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sentinel or revolution?

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ok, so iorek has been on sentinel since we got him. my cats and ferrets were not on any flea meds. i found 4 fleas :eek: one on ME!!, one on a ferret, and one on a cat. i have not found any flea dirt on any of them. i could not find a single flea on iorek. i have cleaned and washed my entire apt, EVERYTHING! now my guys are all on advantage and iorek is on sentinel (last pill mar 8th) and advantage tomorrow after his bath. i just don't know what i am going to do! it seems like there is always something going on!

so, my question is, do i stick with the sentinel which kills round and tape worms, but is only birth control for the fleas or do i switch to revolution which protects against ticks as well, but not tape worms...argh! iorek has had round worms one time. he got them last summer when he had a cold and was on antibiotics and had a tummy ache and was about to be neutered so the vet said to wait for a bit to give him his sentinel. he was 2 weeks late getting it and got worms in the meantime!! please help me!
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There is also another product that does both heartworm, fleas, and intestinal parasites. Advantage Multi here is a link
This product does not control ticks so it would not be a good option if your dog is at risk for tick exposure. If you do not have a flea problem than exposure to tapeworm is minimal.
but i do have a flea problem right now :( but i don't think i have what you would call an infestation.

thank you. i will ask my vet about the advantage multi. i don't think that iorek is at risk for ticks, he doesn't run in long grass. i was told that is where he would get a tick. i am sorry i am dumb about this stuff, we don't have ticks where i grew up, not even heartworms until a few years ago. (it is nice to live on an island!) i had dogs all growing up and never did they have fleas or anything like that! one dog did have worms once but we gave him meds and he was fine after that.
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