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Sensitive Stomach Issues?

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Well I've been through 2 brands of food now and am having no luck with my dog. Let me break it down for you...I have a 9 month old lab mix. He is fully healthy.

When we first adopted him we fed him Blue Buffalo. His stools were probably firm about 75% of the time, although he would also have occasional diarrhea. During a two day span he had what seemed to be uncontrollable diarrhea. I was concerned and took him to the vet. The vet told me to get him off of Blue Buffalo and recommended a couple of brands...I chose California Natural.

He has been on California Natural for about 3 weeks now. During these 3 weeks his stool has been diarrhea about 85% of the time. I occasionally see some shape to it, but it is almost always runny. He has also began to have accidents in the house.

So basically, I can't afford to just trash 25 pounds of the California Natural. I can't afford a more expensive brand. I can't afford to take my dog back to the vet who seemed to give us bad advice. So now I am turning to you. What should I do in my situation? Thanks.
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I'm going through the exact same things as you are with my dog. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

My dog has to go to the bathroom every 1-2 hours it seems like at night and it's pretty much all runny. The first stool of the day is always solid but after that it turns to disaster. It's really not fun when you're trying to potty train your dog and she/he is having troubles with the food.

I've been through Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo, Eagle Pack, and now I'm at Science Diet - Nature's Best. Hopefully this one will work. If it doesn't I might go back to Blue Buffalo and try the sweet potato from the previous user's comments.

Pumpkin helps - trust me. I have noticed differences when I have fed my puppy pumpkin through this whole ordeal. I have a couple Kong toys and have loaded up the pumpkin into a ziploc, cut off a little corner, and I load the Kong like a pastry. After 1-2 hours it's frozen and ready to go.

The other thing that's helped me is frozen carrots. That also seems to firm up stools and help. And the frozen carrot is like a bone for them pretty much.

Last but not least, when I was going through a really bad episode with my pup from the Eagle Pack transition, I took some advice and got rid of the diarrhea this way - I fasted my dog for a day (they can last a while without food actually) and started her on boiled chicken breasts and rice. Did that for about a week or so before I started mixing in the new dog food. I at least got rid of her diahrea to the point where she wasn't in clear pain when she was going potty. I know fasting seems cruel, but for my dog it was absolutely necessary. She didn't get rid of the diarrhea until I did fast her. I think it's a crucial step.

Anyways...it's been a super long battle for me as well.....I don't have the solution (every dog is different with what they're sensitive to I suppose) but hopefully my suggestions will help ya.
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Go with the white rice. To make it super easy, I bought a bag of the frozen chicken breasts from my local mega mart, boiled them all, and put them in plastic wrap so I didn't have to cook chicken every time I fed her. Cost usually runs around 10 bucks and the rice is about 5.

Here's the web link that I used for my pup (http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/diarrhea.htm). I think it's great information for what you're going through. Every case I am sure is different, but in my own the pepto bismol didn't do anything except turn my house pink from trying to get my dog to take it. I didn't see much benefit from it when I was actually able to get her to take it. I tried switching the dog food to the chicken/rice combo without the fasting, and it didn't do anything either. The fast is crucial to empty out the dog's system. Finally, my dog had some mucus on her bottom a couple of days after I gave her chicken and rice. Just forewarning if this happens to ya - it's the dog's fluid that has built up in its intenstines. It's part of the dog's body reaction to the diahrea to try and cure itself.

I think I finally have found a dog food that works for mine. After going through a bunch of them, the only ones that have seemingly been ok for my dog - Royal Canin and Science Diet - Nature's Best. Oddly enough, they are both semi-moist where all the other ones that have not worked have been dry. That might have nothing to do with it at all, but it's interesting to note!

I wish you good luck! I know how much of a pain this is!
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