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Sensitive Stomach Issues?

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Well I've been through 2 brands of food now and am having no luck with my dog. Let me break it down for you...I have a 9 month old lab mix. He is fully healthy.

When we first adopted him we fed him Blue Buffalo. His stools were probably firm about 75% of the time, although he would also have occasional diarrhea. During a two day span he had what seemed to be uncontrollable diarrhea. I was concerned and took him to the vet. The vet told me to get him off of Blue Buffalo and recommended a couple of brands...I chose California Natural.

He has been on California Natural for about 3 weeks now. During these 3 weeks his stool has been diarrhea about 85% of the time. I occasionally see some shape to it, but it is almost always runny. He has also began to have accidents in the house.

So basically, I can't afford to just trash 25 pounds of the California Natural. I can't afford a more expensive brand. I can't afford to take my dog back to the vet who seemed to give us bad advice. So now I am turning to you. What should I do in my situation? Thanks.
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I also was on a food quest, and now feed Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato or their Venison formula, both grain and corn free. Has helped with sensitive stomach issue, mine had a vomit problem, instead of a stool issue. Not sure which is worse. But I sprinkle a probiotic supplement daily on his food. Does help, give it a try.
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