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Sensitive Stomach Issues?

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Well I've been through 2 brands of food now and am having no luck with my dog. Let me break it down for you...I have a 9 month old lab mix. He is fully healthy.

When we first adopted him we fed him Blue Buffalo. His stools were probably firm about 75% of the time, although he would also have occasional diarrhea. During a two day span he had what seemed to be uncontrollable diarrhea. I was concerned and took him to the vet. The vet told me to get him off of Blue Buffalo and recommended a couple of brands...I chose California Natural.

He has been on California Natural for about 3 weeks now. During these 3 weeks his stool has been diarrhea about 85% of the time. I occasionally see some shape to it, but it is almost always runny. He has also began to have accidents in the house.

So basically, I can't afford to just trash 25 pounds of the California Natural. I can't afford a more expensive brand. I can't afford to take my dog back to the vet who seemed to give us bad advice. So now I am turning to you. What should I do in my situation? Thanks.
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Try resetting the poor irritated GI tract before tossing the food. Boil white rice in too much water so it is very mushy with some white meat chicken. Fast the dog for 12-24 hours and feed a couple spoons of this hourly for a day or so then move to more ordinary meals and amounts as the irritation subsides over a week or so. Add in a couple kibbles more each meal when you transition back to kibble. A full feed of rice and chicken is about 1 pound a day per 50 pounds of dog. It is very low fat and while delicious not particularly satisfying so dogs are perfectly happy to go back to good old kibble.

I like the pumpkin too. If the number of stools is fine but it continues to be all icky then try adding an ounce or so to the rice and chicken.
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