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I adopted Max, an 8 year old American Eskimo in January. Not much information on him other than he was dropped off at the shelter in a very neglected state.

He's very smart and has learned all the 'rules' of the house.

However, he is awful in the car. He whines, cries ,howls while in the car. he jumps right in, so it's not a fear of the car. he rides in the back seat with my other eskie. When I put him in the doggie seatbelt, it doesn't change his behavior. Even if he lays down, he'll have his eyes closed and still be whining. :(

He's really a distraction and I'm worried that he's not getting any better--especially on trips. he can be in the car for 8 hours and whine the entire time.

Please help. I've tried ignoring him and it doesn't help.


Max and Jack
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