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Senior dog getting neutered?

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So I have a senior rescue dog. We think he is a Beagle/ Dachshund mix. What the vet thinks he’s about 9 years old. I was wondering if it would still be safe to have him neutered. A little bit of background. I have a Golden Retriever Male and my vet said he would make a great field dog stud from all of his qualities. He has a clean bill of health and I will be doing all OFA treating before breeding, or studding him out. I have done all of my research asked opinions of breeders I know which are by the way not backyard breeders. I know them personally and watch them breed and stud. I have my vets opinion. My Golden is in excellent shape, clean bill of health, just waiting for 2 1/2 to 3 years to get here before I have him OFA rested or before I breed or stud him to a bitch. I am looking to get a quality Golden Bitch to breed to him. I am ok with studding out but I would feel more comfortable if I knew her background, temperament, diet, routines, habits, etc. so that I could guarantee the pups I breeds quality. So if I would get a bitch I would need to have my senior dog neutered. I had a bad experience with a female dog when we had her spayed she had complications and passed away so I am very timid to have him neutered. At the same time I don’t want to be irresponsible by not neutering him and end up with a mixed bred litter. So what are you alls opinions?
Also side note I AM NOT DOIMG THIS FOR MONEY!!!! I love Golden’s and want to breed to keep quality puppies around to water fowl retrieving dogs. My dog maybe a ESA in training but he loves going duck hunting too! So I would also be breeding field dogs not show dogs. I don’t need the whole lecture about backyard breeding. I have had asked people’s opinions as well as professional’s opinions. I am following all of their guidance and instructions as well as advice. The bitch I choose will be 2/13 to 3 years old before I breed her or she has ever been bred, thoroughly checked over by my vet, as well as all the OFA testings needed. Thank you in advance.
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I'd be sure the old man was in good health and find a vet who is totally comfortable with the situation.
@Aussie Love
Our vet said he would be comfortable it would just be up to me. He is in good health. No heart worms ( never had them thankfully ), still has all of his teeth besides one or two in the back. Over all he’s in excellent health though. Maybe it just because I had a bad experience with neuter/spaying. Plus I have read different things that it is not good for their overall health. I want to do some more research in that area. I just wanted to ask on the forum because you guys have a lot of knowledge.
Yeah, those darn past experiences. Precisely why I will not have an intact male.
I guess if you're vet doesn't see a health reason for it, you could just get him some Tinkle trousers when you get the female. Then he'd be covered during her cycles.
@Aussie Love I didnt know that was a thing! I’ll look into it!
A determined dog can, and probably will, take pants and belly bands off. Since you will need to keep her separated from your male Golden as well (you don't want her being bred too young or on every cycle), setting up your plans now would be a good idea.

Also, it would be a good idea to have the vet check his prostate, as a lot of older males have prostate issues, which neutering almost always helps with.
@LeoRose Yes! She will be at least 2 or 2 1/2 years old before I would breed her. I have also heard that breeding every other cycle is healthy for them. But I want to look into that, not just taking somebody’s opinion. I want to ask my vet a healthy amount of times to breed to her per year though.

I will have them separated besides the times I have planned to breed them. I will definitely have to get my vet to check his prostate though!!
They both still have a year to a year and a half to grow and mature before I would plan to breed them.
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