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Semi-Feral Jindo Rescue from Korea - advice

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My partner and I have rescued some dogs from Korea from the dog meat trade. We have 1 beautiful pup named Lucky that basically came to us wild. She has been with us over a year, and had just recently started coming inside which is huge progress. She seems happy to see us but will not let us touch her. She will come close and even give us a tiny lick on our fingers then scoot off haha! Has anyone here had any experience with feral dogs? We just can't seem to break through this wall and the smallest thing will set her back. I know she will never be that "happy go lucky" pup. We just want to get her to the point where she will let us touch her so we can manage vet visits and grooming. Slow and steady is what works for her, can anyone offer advice? Or maybe even their own success stories? Feeling a little discouraged Thanks everyone!

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Smaller space to be in. All food only comes from you. If that means tossing one piece at a time then that is what you do. You control the resources, and make sure she knows you control the resources and that is how you control the dog.

It may never evolve past what it is. Dogs raised for food are not raised for temperament and temperament is mostly genetic.
when I have taken in untouch kennel dogs from breeding operations,, they are wild and unfocused. I put them in a safe place kennel, feed water shelter, and work on a simple daily routine depending on their level. if they untouchable I establish just the kennel area is where their food water and shelter is and be care giver to them not attempting any contact with them. Once they have a sense of security of their kennel I can start letting them into the larger fenced area attached to the kennel and they will return to the kennel.

These dogs are not street dogs, many of them are from well bred dogs that have had no learning.. When they settle in and start relaxing feel safe they fall back into the traits of their breed characteristics. GSD's are aloof but they are also naturally family orientated breed and team players. Main thing for them is trust and safety first then they seek out to interact but interaction does come from the breed.

As stated by 3GSD4IPO It may never evolve past what it is. Dogs raised for food are not raised for temperament and temperament is mostly genetic.

Don't want you to feel you personally have failed if it never evolves further for you.. do the best that you can... and send good thoughts your way
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Thank you for the advice and good thoughts. Now that I can get her inside voluntarily I think it is a good start. I will just keep her inside and get her used to being around humans. We have rescued a few meat dogs from cages and they have since been adopted out into loving homes and are thriving. Made me fall in love the Jindo, they are really resilient and super smart. This girl has a special place in my heart - I just want her to be happy and healthy.
I am considering getting a jindo mix rescue from korea and I was wondering how they work in an apartment, are they very noise reactive even when trained? Do the prey drive take over when inside with small animals(cats for example)? Do they have trouble getting along with same sex dogs?
Sincerely, Maria.
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