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My 5 month puppy Mic has Juvenile Epilepsy. When he first had his 2 seizures, I went to researching. I found that if you put an Ice Pack on their back during a seizure it reduces the attack time and the recovery time. Mic seizures were lasting for 3-5 mins, Grand Mal seizures. The Post attack took from anywhere to 30-45 mins of trying to recover.
His 3rd attack, my husband put the ice pack on his back and his seizure lasted less than a min and 5 mins later the post attack was over.
I have never dealt with an animal having Epilepsy but I have dealt with people so this is a change for me.
Mics doctor told me that I needed to make the decission of to put him to sleep...He is saying that treatments are less likely to work due to Mic is so young and having Grand Mal seizures. Im not!
In Dec. my husband and I lost our first child at 5 months to down syndrome....after her burial, Mic was born...I clinged to him immediately. Not that I was trying to replace my daughter...I was a mother without her daughter and there is little Mic. A beautiful black Lab who I believed needed me and I needed him.
So, no. I will not give up on him until I feel in my heart that it is time. My doctor now has Mic on 2 seizure medications. But just until he is 6 months then we will slowly get him off to see how he is.
The Ice Pack on the back works! Before he goes to sleep, thats when the seizures happen, he has an ice pack on his back. I read if you get the ice pack on his back when you see the signs of a seizure, it could stop the attack all together. Im not a vet but I am quick to try anything to help my babies. Please dont just use the ice pack and call it good. Take your baby to the vet.
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