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Seizure Milk Bones multi colored

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My dog Bandit is a mix part pointer/ **** hound seven years old. He started having seizures about a month ago. He had one minor seizure and two big ones. I took him to the vet where they did blood work. Everything tested good. The vet wanted to put him on seizure meds. I started thinking about any recent changes in his eating habits. The one change was his treats. I changed to milk bones multi color which has Red dye-40 as well as other dyes in it. He was given 4 or 5 treats a day for approximately 2 months. Before putting him on anti seizure meds, I decided to change his treats to a healthy treat. It's been nineteen days so far with no signs of seizure. My sister owns a blond Labrador, who is eight years old. He is currently being treated for seizures for the past 4 years. I just found out she has been giving her dog milk bones multi colered forever. I am no sure if there is a relation between my dogs seizure and the milk bones multi colored but time will tell. I will post a follow up message in a month.
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