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I'm waiting for my dog Blaze's surgical consult and surgery next week with the surgical specialist and trying to get as much info as possible beforehand. Three and a half months ago, Blaze ( approx. 9 1/2 y/o pitt/shepherd mix, about 72 pounds), had a lump on his left upper back leg (almost up to his hip), about 1/3 of an inch in size. A fine needle aspiration (FNA) came back negative so we just left it be. It has since grown to about an inch in size so a retest FNA has now come back as showing the presence of spindle cells, which my vet informs me is possible for Fibrosarcoma. The lump needs to come out and be biopsied and graded. I'm reading a lot of scary information online but I'd like to hear from people who may have been through this to know what I can actually expect. Anything you can tell me from how your dog did with the surgery, to what happened after with grading and followup treatment, recurrence, etc. Also, costs??? I have no idea what to expect with that. My last dog died from Osteosarcoma 7 years ago, right after Christmas and I just stinks to be going through this again. I want Blaze to have the best chance he can get of surviving this but his quality of life, which right now is still great, must remain good. Thanks.
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