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Dear Friends,
I am at loss what to do.
Hope somebody can enlighten me.

I have a 9 year old Rhodesian ridge back, Butch, rescue dog intact, very calm and gentle and an 8 month french bulldog named Bumpam. the little one lives inside, Butch is allowed in the house when the temperature gets too extreme. They really love each other
Bumpam is jealous and dog aggressive. I also have some cats in the house, no problem there, they stay out of each others way.

My life started to become difficult when I took another rescue frenchie last week. Amy female eight month, extremely sweet and affectionate by character, a little nervous and confused due to her past which has probably been difficult. She, didn't quite finish her first heat when I took her.
First everything went well.
Butch was exited and bumpam didn't pay much attention. I kept them carefully seperated.
After a few days the heat period seemed to be over
Butch lost interest. The two frenchies got along okay, what struck me strange was that she was trying to hump him as if to show him what to do and push her butt into his face. That happened a few times and always ended it a fight.

In the end I caught them connected when I was sure she isn't even in heat anymore because no other dog would care for her. Now the relationship between the two frenchies has gotten worse. From the mating incident his behaviour towards her is extremely aggressive and intimidating. Last Friday I had to separate them several times. Now he is tied up outside and she is inside. If she comes within his reach he charges at her with great ferocity. At night I have to close her in the bathroom as this is the only room in the house that can be shut.

When we are out in the fields he has no problem with her. Inside it is hell. I am at loss what to do. I love them both dearly even though I had her for just a week, she is a real angel. Now pregnant or not she will be neutered at he end of August.
Was I stupid and naive to take on another frenchie? Did I do everything wrong? Is his behaviour due to jeallousy? can it be overcome? what can I do to help them/me.

thank you in advance
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