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My last introduction was more of a 'help me' thread so I figure I'd say hi again. :) I have two dogs, an 8-y-o rescue kelpie from a bad background (he has some issues but we love him very much) and an 8-y-o golden who is new to the family, though not new to me (childhood/family dog who recently came out to California to live with me).

When we first took in Zoe (golden) I knew she was injured but I hadn't been able to get any information on the injury beyond that it might be a CCL tear. The day after I brought her home with me I took her to an orthopedic vet and found out that both of her CCLs are partially torn. I was prepared to get her surgery (I don't have the money myself but would figure it out) but vet says the tears happened gradually and as a result there is a huge buildup of arthritic tissue around them that would make operating difficult--plus the risk of the other one tearing all the way while she is healing from repairing the first--and recommended against surgery. We're managing the pain and inflammation with meds and getting a feel for her boundaries as far as how much of a walk is too much for her.

Fortunately she is very mobile (with some exceptions) and can even manage short hikes! Copper also has arthritis so short excursions are also his speed.
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