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I know there was a thread similar to this recently, but I don't want to hijack.

I am anticipating going to grad school across the country in 2020 (most likely summer). Currently, my dog and I live at home with my parents. They have 2 dogs of their own, and my dog is best friends with them (one in particular).

Fast forward to when we move, and it will be just him and me. I am worried about him adjusting to not only being a single dog but to being alone for extended periods of time throughout the day. My mother works from home so he hasn't really been alone for more than an hour or so in the past almost 3 years. I will try to coordinate my schedule to be with him as much as possible, and I will arrange for walks and daycare as finances allow, but I won't know what I can do until the time comes of course.

I was already planning on getting a second dog while in grad school, but I am wondering if it would be best to get a new dog before we move, so that Oli and the dog can develop a relationship/understanding of each other and make the big move together, rather than adding a new dog to the shock of moving and a completely different lifestyle.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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