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Scratch marks

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This morning my pupiess were play fighting then it really got heated or so I believe the. I notice one of them had a scratch on the nose. So I stopped it. Then looking in to him more I notice he has more light scratches where the other pup had bite. They’re not deep scars or anything but I’m not sure is this normal or is this bad and I should keep them apart?
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I would observe carefully and separate them for a calm-down period BEFORE it gets too rough. Then after they've settled down, allow the play to resume.

How old are the puppies?
@jen the pups are 11 and 13 weeks. Just wondering if I should be aware of the scratches
Puppy teeth are very sharp at that age and puppy nails are sharp too unless trimmed and/or the dog is walking regularly on pavement.

I would focus more on the behavior of the pups, their interactions and vocalizations and such, than just on some scratches. Trim their naila regularly, it is important training to get them used to having their feet handled, and maybe use a dremel or nail file to blunt the tips even more.

You are going to have to work hard to give the pups separate training, playtime and quiet time to prevent them from becoming co-dependant. In doing so, this will likely give plenty of chances to have them take a break or wind down if they get too amped up.

At that age, it is pretty unlikely to be true dog aggression but as they grow up, it does remain a possibility
Sounds like it's time tor grind or trim the puppies nails. Let them play together but, separate them when it's time with you either training or, playing with you. Teach them now that interacting with humans has nothing to do with the other dog. Makes it easier to teach them obeying you has nothing to do with any other animal later in life.
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