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I am probably overthinking small things....
So Brae will scoot his butt on the carpet inside every now and again, like once a day or every other day. It isn't correlated with anything; he can be playing, or standing there, or chewing a toy, then get up and scoot once and go on with whatever he is doing. He won't even pause to sniff or lick his butt.

Medically, when a dog scoots a lot the first thing I think of is irritation or anal gland issues. Soro ONLY scoots if he has diarrhea or something is irritating that area. But Brae doesn't worry his anal area at all. No licking, sniffing, pausing and turning. IE, nothing is bothering him. It's just one random out-of-the-blue scoot once in a while.

Habit? A good scratch? :D
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Have you felt the glands to see if they feel fullish? Since he has a history of soft stool he may not be able to fully express them himself, though larger dogs tend to be less prone to anal gland issues than smaller dogs. They may not be full enough to be a real bother or irritating, but enough that he can feel them.
I also think some dogs do just tend to scoot a bit more.
Does he scratch his body more than 'average'? If so, maybe a touch of dry skin or something.
I thought the same thing about the soft stool and potentially needing to empty his anal glands. I'm not sure how to feel for anal glands. I know the position, technically speaking, just don't know what it's 'supposed' to feel like.

He doesn't scratch much at all. He has a very shiny coat :)
Since he has a history of soft stools there could be some residue that sticks and irritates him too. If he's scooting occasionally that's probably it.

Full anal sacs feel like green pea sized ball bearings under the skin and badly distended ones more like marbles.
I would say it's possibly some stuff sticking to his butt and possibly irritating it, just a little. My dog does that occasionally when he has a soft stool. Or, better yet, he will swing his butt into me and wipe it against my leg. Wonderful.
Our vet suggested changing to grain free food to prevent scooting. Sounded silly but we were desperate. She hasn't scooted in 4 years since we changed.
Maybe pure coincidence, but I will take it.
I thought scooting meant the dogs has worms. I could be wrong.
I thought scooting meant the dogs has worms. I could be wrong.
AFAIK it is generally an anal gland problem. (our puppy started scooting when she went into heat; the food won't change that)
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