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schnauzer sleep cycle?

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We just got a schnauzers that seems to be pretty well trained already. Runs to the door when he needs to go, will actually sit, well go away when we point and say "Go." Very nice dog so far. But he has not slept in 16 hours.

My family decided to put him in the cage to see if he would go to sleep. Is that a good idea? I read that you shouldn't put a new dog in a cage to punish it. Is this viewed as a punishment for the dog? I'm not for sure how the psychology of the dog is on is.
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As long as his energy level etc remain stable, I don't think you have anything to worry about. He is probably getting sleep you just don't see it. It all sounds like perfectly normal behavior for a dog that is just settling in. If he is going into his crate on his own without issue chances are he is crate trained ( able to comfortably stay in crate for extended periods of time without issue. They treat is as a den or safe haven).

As for eating, a healthy dog will not starve itself. It is not unusual for dogs to go off their feed for a couple of days while adjusting to their new enviorment. It could also be that (Depending on the brand (type of food and calories per cup) as well as, his size and overall activity level.) all he needs is one cup of food a day. I would try cutting out the treats for now and instead use the kibble as treats.
Also try splitting the food into two feedings of 1/2 cup each.. morning and evening...
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