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schnauzer sleep cycle?

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We just got a schnauzers that seems to be pretty well trained already. Runs to the door when he needs to go, will actually sit, well go away when we point and say "Go." Very nice dog so far. But he has not slept in 16 hours.

My family decided to put him in the cage to see if he would go to sleep. Is that a good idea? I read that you shouldn't put a new dog in a cage to punish it. Is this viewed as a punishment for the dog? I'm not for sure how the psychology of the dog is on is.
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Hi there,

This could be a case of a nervous little pup. I may need more information about him.

How old is this pup? Was it crate trained? Was he a rescue?

Are you trying to punish him for not sleeping? Any other information about this guy would be useful.

I have a miniature schnauzer and he was crate trained from the start! He now sleeps from 10-7 each day and of course some hours in the day too - In fact he is sleeping on the cold bathroom floor right now. lol. If this guy hasn't been crate trained you could look up Crate Games (google or on the forum) to get him started.
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