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My rescue dog will be turning 1 next month and I'm wondering if I can or should try leaving him home alone for a full 8 hr work day. I live 15 min from work and so far I have been coming home for lunch every day. I don't mind coming home for lunch but The extra 30 min commute seems like a waste. I'd also like to start biking to work again but I can't work the bike home for lunch into my schedule.

He seems ok home alone. He's excited when I come home but no signs of seperation anxiety.

My work schedule is pretty flexible but I do have rare days where I'm in meetings all day. How would I best go about leaving him home alone all day or should I just keep visiting with him at lunch? There is a doggy daycare but its about 20 min from work and only has outdoor play so he'd be in a kennel all day if the weather is bad.

Typical work day schedule
5:15am wake up go for a (45min) walk
6:00 return from walk breakfast
6:45 leave for work. Dog stays in the spare bedroom
11:45 go out for a quick pee and have a snack
12:15 return to bedroom
4:15 go for a long ( 1hr) walk or a quick walk and trip to the dog park(1-2hr) then dinner
9:00 bed time in crate
the longest he's been alone so far is 6hr
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