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Scared of Wind

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Yeah, I wish I was kidding, lol. My 12 week old chihuahua is a pretty brave little sucker, but on a few occasions now we've been walking and a strong breeze comes up and she FREAKS... she yelps and cries and tries to hide behind my legs or lies down.

I *think* it's the wind in her ears that bothers her so much. It's a little embarrassing though, because the way she cries, and because of how tiny she is, people must think I'm kicking her or stepping on her.

Any ideas??
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You might be right about the ears. Only thing I can think of to confirm that is to bring along a set of earmuffs and see if it makes a difference.

Seriously though, you treat it the same as any other fear response...use all the calming signals at your disposal....teach her that the wind is normal and nothing to be worried about. If you're not sure what those are, they are Yawning, T-Touch, playing games, treats, running (relieves stress) and re-direction (focus on you with a sit, etc.....having her do something else besides focusing on the wind).
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