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Scared dog

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Hi, my dog (staffy cross mastiff) has started to get very scared about walking on our tiled floor. He walks on it now and starts slipping like it’s an ice rink. He has never had a problem before. He has also never had a problem with other dogs and when we took him for a bath today he got all agitated and starting barking. Again he has never shown this behaviour before.. any help would be great!!
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Definitely a vet visit.

Also, how old is your dog? If he's older (large and giant breeds age faster than smaller breeds) he could be suffering from arthritis, which could cause him to have issues on slick surfaces and/or with being jostled by another dog. Also, an injury could cause the same reactions.

If possible, laying down some non-skid rugs in the areas he's having trouble with would be helpful to keep him from panicking over his footing.
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